Case Dismissed! Prosecutor Admits: Our Client was the Wrong Man 7/2019

For 2 1/2 years, Attorneys Sam Heppell and Elizabeth Mazur had worked assiduously to prove that the Peoria Police Department had wrongfully arrested their client, DJ. The Peoria police accused DJ of participating in an armed robbery of a cab driver. Liz and Sam knew (as did DJ) that he couldn’t have been the armed robber, and he had text messages to prove he was somewhere else at the time of the robbery. About a year and some months after DJ’s arrest, Attorney Melinda Power was added to the team. We filed, argued and lost a series of pre-trial motions, but we were determined to persevere until victory. We hired an expert to establish the disparity between DJ’s location at the time of the robbery and the robbery itself and an expert to testify about false identifications. And, we possibly made new law in Illinois when Judge Gilfillan granted our motion to permit our expert to testify by video (saving our clients thousands of dollars).

We walked into court on July 15, 2019, ready and looking forward to trial. Meanwhile, the prosecution reviewed the evidence and admitted that, indeed, the men who had committed the armed robbery did not include our client. All charges were dropped against our very happy client. The dedicated, hard working and happy team walked out of court and, along with DJ, were finally vindicated.