People v. Daniels: Not Guilty of Class X possession with Intent to Deliver Ecstasy 4/19/18

A package arrived addressed to my client from Germany.  This was a package the evidence did not establish was ordered by, or paid for by the client or, that he even knew about before it arrived.  The package had been intercepted in NYC by customs, who discovered ecstasy in the package.  They sent the package to Maywood, and an invisible tracking device and powder detectable on the hands on anyone who opened the package, was placed inside.  

Upon delivery by an undercover postal inspector, my client went searching for his regular mail carrier to see what this was.  He couldn't find him and returned home and then wrote return to sender on the package and put a slash through his name.  En route to the garage to get his car to go to the post office, he got curious, opened the package, realized he didn't know what it was, and didn't want it and threw it away.  Shortly thereafter, Cook County police arrived, and arrested him.  No evidence of drug sales (baggies, scales, police scanner, unaccounted for money, guns or other contraband) was found in the residence. 

IT Expert witness P. DeVon testified that someone had gotten into or made an account with the client's name and address and had used it to order gift cards from China to be sent to various addresses in the U.S.  His compelling direct examination by co-counsel Rachel White Domain revealed that someone had used his name and address unbeknownst to the client. 

The sheriff's officer admitted that he had no evidence that client knew what was in the package, knew wha the package was when it arrived, had paid for or ordered it.  The Judge found client not guilty and stated that there was not proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the client was guilty.  Client's mother, who had attended every court hearing, cried with relief and hugs were exchanged between the client's attorneys, client and his mother.