People v. Smith: Judge finds Mr. Smith not guilty of possession of cannabis with intent to deliver

March 6, 2018 victory in court

Chicago police officers arrested Anthony Smith in 2016 as he was driving on Kimball Street.  They originally claimed he was part of a plan to sell cannabis to an undercover police officer.  However, no drugs were recovered on him or in his car.  Finally, a hearing to quash his arrest and suppress the search was heard on March 7, 2018.  At the motion, the three officers who were called to testify by the defense admitted they did not see him engage in any illegal activities.  The witness for the state testified that he saw the back of the head of someone sitting in a car and could tell by the way that person leaned forward and towards the alleged seller of the cannabis that he was involved in an illegal drug transaction!  Although the Judge denied the Motion to Quash, she told all parties that we could adopt the testimony from the motion and immediately proceed to trial.  This we did and she quickly found Mr. Smith not guilty.  Mr. Smith was happy he could go and pick up his twins from school and not worry about having to come back to court again.