People v. Torry: Judge reverses finding of guilty and declares: Not Guilty of Violation of a Concealed and Carry

In April 2017, as Mr. Torry drove to his friend's house, he pulled into the parking space behind the friend's house.  Two Chicago police officers who had been following him, jumped out of their car, stopped, seized and searched him and his car with no legal justification.  

One of the officers recovered a gun, in a holster and concealed in the console of the car.  Mr. Torry told the officers he had a permit to have a gun and that he had done nothing illegal, which is correct.  Nonetheless, the officers arrested him.  After the officers and Mr. Torry testified at trial, the Judge found him guilty.  However, the guilty finding was a mistake.  His attorney, Melinda Power, filed a Motion to Reconsider and, finally, on February 26, 2018, the Judge agreed and reversed himself and found Mr. Torry not guilty.