Water protector's case finally dismissed after court hearing on 1/22/18

Water Protector Stefan Silk, a young Lakota Sioux from Standing Rock, was arrested on 10/27/16 while protesting the construction of the now open Dakota Access pipeline.  Mr. Silk maintained that he wasn't guilty of the charges of Engaging in a Riot and Public Nuisance.  He and I agreed that we would fight this case as much as we could.  Finally, after two hearings on two motions to dismiss, two depositions of the two alleged arresting officers (one of whom admitted he was never at the scene and just filled in paperwork), 10 motions in Limine to keep out irrelevant evidence, the Court found that the state couldn't establish probable cause for Public Nuisance and he expressed reservations about their ability to prove the other charge.  The state, realizing the difficulty of their case, dismissed the remaining charge.  Stefan Silk's steadfastness proved to be the winning strategy.  He now has no more pending cases.  Mandan, North Dakota, 1/22/18