Not Guilty of Telephone Harassment declares the Judge at the end of the Trial 1/18/18

In July 2017, my client was fired from his training to be a police officer.  When he called his supervisor (four-five times) to get his gun back, instead of helping out Mr. Morales, the supervisor (a Sargent) had Mr. Morales arrested.  First, the Sgt. got an order of protection against Mr. Morales, which we vacated.  Then, he pursued the criminal case.  When the Sgt. testified, he said that Mr. Morales had waken him up at home, yet the site of the incident on the complaint was the police academy.  He further testified that my client's calls made him upset, yet he didn't file the complaint until one month later. 

The Judge found that these facts did not establish the elements of telephone harassment and found Mr. Morales not guilty.