1/17/18 Judge admonishes arresting officer to "be more reasonable" and finds Mr. Norman not guilty.

In August, 2017, Elijha Norman was sitting in his car with his girlfriend visiting his uncles in a park in Dolton.  First on Dolton police officer, then another ordered him out of his car without reasonable suspicion that he was armed or had contraband.  When Mr. Norman asked why, instead of answering, the officers continued to order him out of the car and arrested him for "obstructing a police officer."

At trial, the police officer admitted he didn't see Mr. Norman do anything suspicious, make any furtive gestures, try to get away, or have bulging pockets.  Instead, the white officer seemed to believe that he could approach an young African American male and order him out of the car.  

Mr. Norman said no to that illegal behavior, the Court agreed and found him not guilty after a bench trial.