November 17, 2017, Water Protector Silk's Motions Granted in Mandan, North Dakota

Water Protector Stefon Silk, a Lakota Sioux from Standing Rock reservation, North Dakota, was arrested October 27, 2016 while protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline's plans to destroy the water for his reservation.  His trial is set for January 23, 2018.  His attorney, Melinda Power, filed a series of motions regarding discovery issues, including a motion to compel the depositions of two arresting officers and another motion to get all the relevant evidence.  Mr. Silk's attorney also challenged if "probable cause" or a legal justification existed at arrest Mr. Silk. 

The Court ordered the prosecution to reply to the discovery requests, the Bill of Particulars and the deposition requests within two weeks.  The motions were successful and depositions are set for the end of December 2017.