Victory and Justice: Murder Charges Dismissed Against Abused Spouse

August 16, 2017, Victory for an Abused Spouse Falsely Accused of Murdering her Abusive Spouse. Attorneys Michael Kanovitz, Melinda Power and Rachel White-Domain were contacted by a woman, Ms. Shumaker, who had been abused by her husband for years, was accused of murdering him and was facing 20 plus years in prison for the murder of her husband.  Forming a legal defense team, the attorneys were determined that Ms. Shumaker, far from being the accused, should be the accuser.  Research determined that she had suffered abuse for years.  On the day of his death, the spouse was still abusing Ms. Shumaker when he died.  After one and one-half years in jail, the state's attorney's office agreed that they could not prove that Ms. Shumaker intentionally killed her husband.  She walked out of jail that day, to her immense relief, the attorneys satisfaction and the joy of her family.  There are many more women who are in jail because they are accused of killing their abusers.  They need our help.